Want to start a project? Use this template!

We’ve had some discussions about the difficulties in setting up an open source project. How are you going to structure it, making sure everyone is on the same page when they read your GitHub page, etc. Also a lot of you have said that they find it difficult to launch an open source project because they’re not sure what to include or think about.

We’ve listened and have created a open source repository template that you can use to cover a lot of the basics.

The template includes the most important things when setting up your project such as:

  • A license (standard Apache 2.0 license)
  • Issue templates, one for reporting bugs and one for requesting features.
  • Pull request template
  • Changelog
  • A code of conduct (using the contributor covenant code of conduct we use here)
  • List of contributors/how to contribute
  • A simple README

So if you’re starting your next project or wanting to take your current project to the next level have a look and fill in the details or change things around to suit your projects needs.