VoIP On the Beach - Januscon 2019

During Januscon 2019 the first edition of VoIP On the Beach will be held. During this event we will discuss problems, opportunities and the current state of VoIP so that together we can come up with ideas and solutions. All in the spirit of open source collaboration! Because together we can strengthen VoIP communication!

In order to facilitate this we’re using etherpad to collaborate in realtime. You can open a new topic, paste in the etherpad link and discourse will make the etherpad available to edit by anyone browsing the topic. If you see an idea that makes you think of something else that is related, please insert it under the original contribution - but please do not delete/edit anything that was added by someone else.

To kick it off, here’s the etherpad with ideas for the first edition of VoIP On the Beach:

Goto this EtherPad