Share your slides/pictures

If you gave a presentation at Januscon 2019 or have some pictures of the event please share them with us here. :slight_smile:

I’ll kick it off by sharing the beautiful view from the location :star_struck:

Here are the slides from the presentation of @grumvalski. Some great thoughts and insights on the things that the VoIP community should try to fix/improve on.

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And here are the slides from Alessandro Amirante about deploying Janus with Docker.

Some more slides from Olle E. Johansson about WebRTC federation. Also check out his slideshare for more awesome presentations!

And a presentation by the awesome people of AG Projects about Sylk Suite, an easy to use multi-protocol application server and client. Also finally an answer to the question why so many Romanians are involved in the VoIP industry.

Here’s the presentation from Dan Jenkins (no, no that Jenkins) about creating native mobile WebRTC apps using react-native.

Thank you very much Ruben! Very excited for the alliance! Well done!

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No problem and welcome to the Open VoIP Alliance! :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to all the recorded talks on MeetEcho’s YouTube channel.

Thanks for sharing, @RubenHoms! :+1:t3:

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