[Proposal] Creating a Code of Conduct

I’ve had questions from several people about our Code of Conduct. So far we don’t have one yet. But it makes sense for us to make some commitments to the community to try and make everybody feel welcome. My hope for having a code of conduct is to include all types of people in our conversations, to increasing diversity and have the ability to stand up against unwanted behavior within our community.

I have done some research and read several code of conducts, but think that the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct is one that I think would be a great start. We can always improve on it when necessary.

I would like to ask for your input on this. Any feedback is welcome as this is a proposal. I’ll leave this topic open for a while to gather input and will take action on implementing this after reviewing your comments.

Hi Ruben,

The linked example looks like a great starting point for a CoC. However, I’d like to add “exclusionary comments or jokes” to the list of unacceptable behaviours, such as racist, sexist, ageist, ableist etc. comments/jokes.

I think the enforcement policy can also benefit from some clarification. What happens in case of a disagreement?

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About disagreement. Microsoft says: “Understand disagreements: Disagreements, both social and technical, are useful learning opportunities. Seek to understand the other viewpoints and resolve differences constructively.” (source: https://opensource.microsoft.com/codeofconduct/)

For me the understanding is just a thing you can build on: What will we learn when we have disagreements?

The examples of @rosien could be fitted perfectly in the “Our Standards” section.

Much examples on the Internet, but the Citizen Code Of Conduct is also good to review: http://citizencodeofconduct.org/.

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Thanks for the input @rosien and @Geert!

Agreed, we should have this in there.

I like @Geert’s take on this, it’s important to understand why there’s a disagreement first and resolve differences on a case-by-case basis where possible. I don’t have any concrete steps we could take and that we could put into the code of conduct as it stands right now in case of a disagreement. Also, in my personal opinion, this is the first version of the code of conduct, when we have cases that don’t fit within this framework we can always improve upon it.

Hello all, this is me wearing my CEO hat :wink:
Collaboration and exchange of technical expertise and good practices is great! By doing that, we also expose brilliant staff members throughout the Alliance. I think it would be a good practice to agree that members will not actively headhunt within the Alliance. This would make members even more comfortable having their staff participate to the Alliance.

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I think this is a great point we should definitely have in there. I wouldn’t want want this place to turn into a fishing pool for recruiters. I’m definitely including this, thanks for your contribution :ok_hand:

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I took a stab at the code of conduct and included @rosien and @JacquesG suggestions. I will put it on our website and create a topic here about it. Thanks everyone for participating! I will leave this thread open so people can comment on the code of conduct or suggest improvements.