Dean One wants to join the Open VoIP Alliance


I am Arjan Kuiken, a VoIP engineer for over 15 year and currently working at Dean One. We are a telco in the Netherlands and are trying to be one of the competitors of the established telco’s like KPN and RoutIT.

We are having a decent platform build on open and closed source software and are a happy user of it. We want to join the Open VoIP Alliance to help build a better establishment for open source VoIP software with a larger support community around it.

We can help you facilitate a room for meetups because we are having a large lounge. We are having quite some development power also, but at this moment most of our development is for our own business logic, but we usually create PR’s when we are building a more generic feature or fix.

Hopefully the Open VoIP Alliance will grow a lot, so it will increase their influence in this complex and hard industry which is currently dominated by the closed source community.

Kind regards,



Hey @Arjan, and welcome to our forum. It was nice to talk to you and your colleague at FOSDEM, and great to see you back on our forum! :smiley:

Dean One is more than welcome to join our alliance. To make it ‘official’ you can open a pull request to put your logo on our members page. You can do so on the GitHub repo for our website.

We’re in the works of planning a meetup type of event so we might take you up on your offer for meetup space.

All that’s left for me to say is welcome and let’s open up the industry through open source together!